Monday, May 02, 2011

A New Start

And we sailed all around the world, looking for a brand new start
Van Morrison, "Listen to the Lion"

A clean slate. Everyone needs the occasional new beginning, particularly creative individuals. To reboot one’s approach to the craft—so to speak—is indeed important if a writer wishes to view her or his subjects from a fresh perspective.

When I started blogging, seven years ago, I promised myself that regardless of the obstacles—teaching, writing and promoting my novels, familial, and other obligations—I would post an essay every week, written to the best of my abilities. I’m proud to say that in spite of my hectic schedule I was able to fulfill that commitment.

But in July of last year (2010), the moment arrived when I needed to take a break. The reason that I was about to enter my last year of teaching full-time (at least for a while), and I wanted to focus on giving the end of my days in this blessed profession a stellar sendoff.

And now, as the end of the school year approaches (and the beginning of a long stretch of full-time writing looms on the horizon), I can begin once again to entertain the idea of producing weekly essays with a renewed sense of purpose.

With regard to those pieces written over the past seven years, they have been compiled in a soon-to-be released book titled Love Made Visible: Reflections on Writing, Teaching, and Other Distractions. This collection—because of the quality of the writing, the selection of topics, and the continuing relevance of the essays—has given me great satisfaction: I can say with pride that it reflects quite accurately my concerns and my development as a writer over the years.

Love Made Visible, then, stands as a testament to the past.

My writings, as of now, step into the future.